Welcome to the Parish Groups section!

In light of the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, and challenges prior to Covid, many of our beloved parish groups have, sadly, yet to resume activities. However, we understand the importance of these groups in fostering community spirit and spiritual growth among our parishioners.

If you have a particular group in mind that you’d like to see reinstated, please let the Parish Secretary know. Together, let’s explore how we can facilitate the revival of these cherished gatherings and continue to strengthen our parish family bonds.

The current Parish Groups are:

  • Altar Servers
  • Choir
  • Finance Committee
  • Music Group
  • Rosary Group (Newquay before weekday Masses & St Agnes before Sunday evening Mass)
  • Teas & Coffees (After 10.30am Mass in Newquay)

We would particularly welcome anyone interested in reforming the SVP as, given the times we live in, there is an increasing need to help support those who may be in need.

To be considered a Parish Group an organisation must primarily meet in one of our churches.